Kayakers Rejoice!

Memorial Day, 2015:  Don Gagliaradi engineered and built a terrific new ramp for launching kayaks. It’s attached to the west side of the shore steps that Don and Allen built for us last season. Great job, Don! Thanks for another excellent addition to our waterfront!

Burying a Water Pipe

On Columbus Day, some members of the Water Committee and other volunteers got together for a ditch-digging project. The end result will be that a water pipe supplying the Clubhouse will end up buried and safe from vehicle damage. The existing pipe, adjacent to the Club driveway, was on or near the surface and had been broken several times by vehicles driving off the edge of the road. One more small problem solved. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Tree Work, ho!

In late September 2013, we had some significant tree work done. On the lot between the Schoettles’ and the Clubhouse, a large tree that had blown down and three smaller trees that threatened our power and phone lines were felled and cut up. And at the northeast corner of the tennis court, a very large tree that was causing court surface problems was also felled and cut up.


We have a new swim ladder that pulls up out of the water when not in use to eliminate the growth of algae and other gunk that pretty much destroyed the old ladder. There are also two improvements in the Men’s room (as of this season the Ladies’ Room – we’ve switched the two restrooms!)… a new sink with metering faucets and a small water heater to reduce water waste (and additional filling of holding-tank) due to waiting for hot water in sink and shower.

Brand New Steps to the Shore!

Thanks to our gallant Commodore, Don Gagliardi and his equally gallant construction partner Allen Dodge, we now have a really splendid new set of steps attached to the west side of our dock and leading safely and securely from bank to shore! This really is a beautiful piece of work…in both design and construction…and Don and Allen are due many kudos and congratulations from all of us!