Dock Rules

  • Use of the pier and floats is limited to CHYC members and their guests.
  • Any injuries or damage to boats or the floats should be reported to the club Steward or a club officer immediately.
  • A wearable PFD (life jacket) for each occupant must be aboard all boats, including dinghies.
  • Children 10 years of age and younger must wear PFDs at all times on the pier, floats and in all boats.
  • Running, jumping and roughhousing are forbidden on the dock and floats. No lifeguard is on duty – swimming is strictly at your own risk.
  • Boats may use a maximum of 50 gallons of water
  • Large boats are limited to 15 minutes at the float (except with special permission from the Steward) 


Dinghy Rules

  • There is an accessory handrail/grab bar just to the left (east) of the gangway; this area should be kept open for those members with limited mobility.
  • Dinghies must be marked inside the transom with a CHYC dinghy sticker or with the owner’s name (legible to a person standing on the float)
  • The owner is responsible for payment of the annual dinghy fee and to assure proper marking of the dinghy for easy identification.
  • Owners, who have not previously filled out an information form for a particular dinghy, are responsible to do so (Stewards have the forms).
  • Dinghies must have soft bumpers all around
    (including transom corners and the bow).
  • Oarlocks must be shipped.
  • Metal protrusions (stern pintles, bow fittings, etc.) must be padded.
  • Large dinghies (12’ and over – peapods and similar) should be tied to the East rail
    (facing the Boatyard); smaller dinghies should not use this area.
  • Dinghies should be tied with at least 5 feet of free painter.
  • Dinghies with outboards may not be left at the float or on the dinghy line.
  • Dinghies should be removed to the stringer if they will not be used for a week
    (or so).
  • Dinghy owners must make provisions to keep their boats bailed; especially when they leave at the end of the season, swamped boats are a hazard to others.

Dinghy Registration Form

Premises Rules

  • The club premises are a smoke-free environment.  Please also refrain from using e-cigarettes, vaporizers, etc. on the property.
  • No firearms of any sort are allowed on the property.
  • Please respect the peace and natural tranquility of Center Harbor and be discreet about using cell phones and other electronic devices.